Effective Website Design

Designing a website is more than just about making it pretty.  Website usability is key to effective website design. Although Usability principals taken to the extreme can have some pretty ascetically unpleasant results, a good website designer has the tact to bring both the design and usability worlds together.

It’s all about Usability.

If your site doesn’t offer your visitors a good user experience, they’re going to leave. Once they leave……

Lots of traffic is great, but making your traffic stick, that is the trick. (the rhyming was not intentional)

Q: How do we keep turn your visitors into shoppers/users/members/etc.?

A: Usability.

Kalman Groner & Associates’ Usability.

Kalman Groner & Associates’ usability experts incorporate the best practices, methodologies and technologies that jointly create a straightforward customer experience, driving the user action you want.

Our Website Usability Services Include:

  • Usability Diagnostics Lab
  • User Testing
  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Sitemap, wireframe and design development
  • Copywriting

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