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Website Usability – Form vs. Function

Posted in: Blog, Web Design by Kalman Groner on November 28, 2009 | No Comments

The area of Website Usability, is a specialty, in and of itself, but unlike the clear role difference between a programmer and designer, website usability is a core function that must be integrated really well with both.

Unfortunately most  decision makers are completely unfamiliar with usability and website usability decisions are made based on personal taste.

“My Daughter likes this one, and she’s a college kid, they know these things.”

Is the customer always right?

Well… After trying to explain to my clients whats best for them until I’m blue in the face, the client makes the final decision. It frustrates me when the client makes the wrong decision.

But… it’s much easier to convince a client to do a few rounds of split testing – or what i call “proof is in the pudding testing”