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Moving Along : Social Signals : Public Test 1.2

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So I set everything up just right, and I am waiting for it to work, and show it off, Yeah the Social signals thingimigigy that I want to show off, but it’s just not working. Frustrated, confused, exhausted but surely not ready to give up, I decided to sleep on it.. surely enough I did, and I awoke this morning with what I think is the answer..

Did I get a real life “Social Signal”?? Maybe!

So now I will try to implement my sleep powered solution, with all eyes on me..

I’m really excited about this project. Though off to a rough start, all that ends well is well.

This will end well.

Social Signals : Test # 1

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OK here we go, a public test, on Social Signals,

There are many little nitty gritty details to what im about to try, lets see if its gonna work.

I’ll let you know what I am trying to accomplish if its works ūüėČ

I must Add that everything I plan on doing in this Social Signals series is completely above board, its all about harnessing the resources, not abusing them.

Social Signals : Integrating Google+ and Your website

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Google is now heavily relying on social signals to rank websites in its search results, its proving to be a pretty solid method.
So now

  • What are the “Social Signals” that the big G is looking for?
  • How can we position our websites properly to effectively trigger the social signals that Google is listening out for.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this post with some tests that we have done to see what really works and what doesn’t. I will also be writing about some best-practices that I have picked up from following and researching what others are doing successfully.

This is going to be fun and very educational, and above all, a traffic generating, search engine ranking and therefore a sale generating project.

Feel free to post questions or comments I will try to respond to each post quickly.

Let the party begin.