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Quick Tip: Geo-Targeted SEO

Posted in: Blog, Local Internet Marketing by Kalman Groner on July 7, 2010 | No Comments

Local Internet Marketing is all the rage. So here are a few quick tips that can really get you started.

  • Add a local listing for the business on google @ google.com/places,
  • Use google maps on the site, on the contact us page.
  • Get a free local business listing in every prominent local directory, and local reviews site, include the physical address, local phone number, and URL in the listing. (if enough people ask, I will publish a list of the top 10 or 20 for you)
  • Put your physical ¬†address and local phone number on your website.

You need to make sure that the search engine understands where you are located.

I can’t say for sure, but I am quite confident that google is not relying on the location of the IP address of the web server, as between NY, Texas, CA, MD and NJ, you have probably 65% of all US websites in one of those states.

Thanks to Frank Girard, for asking the “How to geo-target google” question.