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Sleepaway Baby

Posted in: Logo Design, Projects, Websites by Kalman Groner on July 17, 2013

Sleepaway Baby - The Traveling Nursery

Sleepaway Baby – The Traveling Nursery

The Client: Sleepaway Baby, New Jersey, USA

Project Description: Logo, Website Design and Website Development


Nanny Cams

Posted in: Links and Resources, Stuff and Gadgets by Kalman Groner on June 26, 2013

We needed some extra help around the house but it was hard for my wife to be stuck in the house with the cleaning help…
My wife an I felt really uncomfortable leaving a strange woman our house all alone. Nanny Camera to the rescue?? Which one? What’s the diff?
I tried many.
With my current setup the camera sends me an email alert with pictures every-time it senses movement in the kitchen and I can click on the link to actually see live video..
Whether your concern is making sure your kitchen stays kosher, making sure your children are safe or your physical possessions….. A nanny cam can help give you that sense of security that your gut is just aching for.
There are many families that may have a nanny or a housekeeper at home during the day by themselves, without any way of checking up on them. But why….?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it difficult to setup?
There are many options out there… Here I will review 3 cameras, they range from fairly easy to SUPER easy to setup and range in price from $80 to $160
A  great benefit of these nanny cams is  that  they uses WiFi to connect to the Internet, so no wires running across the house to a router. All you need is a neerby outlet.
one of them took me less than 3 minutes to have up and running.
The others took me a little longer, ill explain the options below
16 GB SD Card: NOTE: If you want to record video you will also need an SD card
Pros: Lots of helpful features, Good picture quality, pan & tild, two way audio, record video to SD card, watch online, email alerts
Cons: Takes a little tech know-how to set up.
Setup Time: 15-20 minutes for your first one, 5-10 minute for additional cameras.
This in my opinion is the best option from the 3 as its the best quality picture and you don’t need a subscription to any service like most of the other nanny cams out there.
it also has some cool features like remote pan and tilt, audio…
But it takes a little bit of tech know how to set it up…
Pros: Price, Lots of helpful features, pan & tild, two way audio, watch online, email photo alerts.
Cons:Image Quality is not super, no video recording on device.
Setup Time: 15-20 minutes for your first one, 5-10 minute for additional cameras.
Very similar to the one above, but no HD video, also no recording to device. the images are not so clear, but it still does the trick, its an older version…
Also no subscription require.
Pros: Super Easy Setup, It’s Pretty, Audio, Easy to use, Alerts
Cons: No Pan and Tilt, $10/Monthly Subscription to record video.
Setup Time: 5 minutes flat
Now my wife is free to go about her day without the need for me to work from home that day. Wheww..
Whatever you do, Stay safe!
I really hope this information is helpful
Signing off,
Kalman Groner
Got Malware on your website??!

Posted in: Links and Resources by Kalman Groner on April 9, 2013

Malware Removal By : Securi

There are many companies out there that offer Malware removal services, but who can you trust, the malware industry is loaded with crooks..

Securi, is one of the good companies in the industry..

Sucuri Security



test streaming

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College textbooks cost so much. Do they really have to?

Posted in: Stuff and Gadgets by Kalman Groner on July 5, 2012

That is the 16 BILLION DOLLAR question..

College and university students spend on average $1000 every year of school, on college textbooks.. That $1000 often turns into $2ooo and $3000 after accruing credit card and student loan interest. Does it have to be this way??

And with textbooks being outdated sooo fast does it even make sense to spend even a Dollar on outdated piles of bound paper?

I don’t think so.. But I am not your professor..

Well a Professor friend of mine Aaron Beller, has an approach that puts students back in the driver seat, against the book publishing industry..

I wish I could say it includes a master plan to eliminate College Textbooks… Unfortunately that is not the case just yet.. But here is the next best thing..

HMMM… he just said i can’t tell you yet.. He is still putting the final touches on his new website and as soon as he wraps it up (I wrap it up:), I will be able to tell you all about it.

I am totally excited about this, and you will too if you are in the market for college textbooks this season..

Why I Like These Logos…

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Moving Along : Social Signals : Public Test 1.2

Posted in: Social Signals by Kalman Groner on March 27, 2012

So I set everything up just right, and I am waiting for it to work, and show it off, Yeah the Social signals thingimigigy that I want to show off, but it’s just not working. Frustrated, confused, exhausted but surely not ready to give up, I decided to sleep on it.. surely enough I did, and I awoke this morning with what I think is the answer..

Did I get a real life “Social Signal”?? Maybe!

So now I will try to implement my sleep powered solution, with all eyes on me..

I’m really excited about this project. Though off to a rough start, all that ends well is well.

This will end well.

Social Signals : Test # 1.1

Posted in: Uncategorized by Kalman Groner on March 26, 2012

So i t seems that I got everything working properly now i just have to see if google picks it up, lets give it 24 hours or so, i will check back on it tomorrow..

Social Signals : Test # 1

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Social Signals by Kalman Groner on March 23, 2012

OK here we go, a public test, on Social Signals,

There are many little nitty gritty details to what im about to try, lets see if its gonna work.

I’ll let you know what I am trying to accomplish if its works 😉

I must Add that everything I plan on doing in this Social Signals series is completely above board, its all about harnessing the resources, not abusing them.

Social Signals : Integrating Google+ and Your website

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Google is now heavily relying on social signals to rank websites in its search results, its proving to be a pretty solid method.
So now

  • What are the “Social Signals” that the big G is looking for?
  • How can we position our websites properly to effectively trigger the social signals that Google is listening out for.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this post with some tests that we have done to see what really works and what doesn’t. I will also be writing about some best-practices that I have picked up from following and researching what others are doing successfully.

This is going to be fun and very educational, and above all, a traffic generating, search engine ranking and therefore a sale generating project.

Feel free to post questions or comments I will try to respond to each post quickly.

Let the party begin.