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College textbooks cost so much. Do they really have to?

Posted in: Stuff and Gadgets by Kalman Groner on July 5, 2012

That is the 16 BILLION DOLLAR question..

College and university students spend on average $1000 every year of school, on college textbooks.. That $1000 often turns into $2ooo and $3000 after accruing credit card and student loan interest. Does it have to be this way??

And with textbooks being outdated sooo fast does it even make sense to spend even a Dollar on outdated piles of bound paper?

I don’t think so.. But I am not your professor..

Well a Professor friend of mine Aaron Beller, has an approach that puts students back in the driver seat, against the book publishing industry..

I wish I could say it includes a master plan to eliminate College Textbooks… Unfortunately that is not the case just yet.. But here is the next best thing..

HMMM… he just said i can’t tell you yet.. He is still putting the final touches on his new website and as soon as he wraps it up (I wrap it up:), I will be able to tell you all about it.

I am totally excited about this, and you will too if you are in the market for college textbooks this season..