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SEO for 2011 or SEO for 2010? [Ramble]

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization - SEO by Kalman Groner on January 2, 2011

I find it interesting how many SEO companies put out press releases  and marketing pieces promoting themselves, on how for 2011, they are implementing and harnesing the latest trends in SEO. The “creative” ideas, and “New” strategies that they are talking about for 2011, are the things that the REAL seo companies have been doing in 2010.

While many people consider SEO to be complicated, SEO and Internet Marketing in general, is no different then traditional marketing yet it is very different.

It is not different then traditional marketing in that you are going to be most effective with proper market research, promotion, brand building and staying up to date. Rinse and repeat.

It is very different in that we have so many tools that are available to help us do just that, that are traditionally only available for uber-large sums of money, yet today they are available to all, for nothing or close to it.

Take Google Analytics for a moment. A FREE dashboard, for your online business, that puts you in the drivers seet with a full 360 degree view of your business. Yeah, You gotta know how to use it.  When you use it properly, you have waaaay more intelligence about your small business, then any traditional business could pay for.

Get your game on for 2011 and into the future. Learn to use the tools that help you grow your business.

Become a professional in

  1. market research
  2. keyword research
  3. on page optimization
  4. site structure
  5. link building
  6. brand building
  7. viral marketing
  8. adjusting
  9. staying up to date

Or hire someone qualified to do it.