Landing pages are effective with Search Engines and Humans.
Windows and Doors – Landing Pages and Product Pages

Posted in: Blog by Kalman Groner on February 19, 2010

Product page are your virtual windows, department stores spend insane amounts of money on dressing up their windows and displays to appeal to their shoppers. They are super important, getting your product page just right can tremendously help with your success online.

Today I want to focus on Landing pages…

Windows and Doors are often metaphorically used to symbolize an entry into an opportunity.

When marketing online it’s more then just a metaphor….

Landing pages are your entry “doors” for your prospect, or lets say future customer, to enter your eShop, you must make it appealing and put the proper effort in to make it just right for the search engines as well as the users.

You come across them all the time, they get you to do exactly what the site owner wants you to do, sign up to a newsletter, buy a product, read an article, watch a video, etc. You may have never realized how powerful they can be for business. But the amazing thing is that most businesses get it totally wrong.

What makes a good landing page? A landing page should be an attention grabbing page with a clear call to action. A proper landing page should be short, simple, attractive, and give the quick overview of the product or service, along with concise and easy direction to do what you want your visitor to do.

Being shy won’t get you conversions.